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Αυτά είναι τα σχόλια που μας έχουν στείλει αρκετοί πελάτες των Χειροποίητων Μαχαιριών JN. Σας παρακαλούμε να στείλετε κι εσείς το σχόλιό σας, κλικάροντας εδώ, θα το εκτιμήσουμε.

Questi sono I commenti che alcuni dei clienti di JN Handmade Knives ci hanno inviatti.

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Χρουσαλάς Παναγιώτης, Καλαμάτα, Ελλάδα: (κυνηγετικό μαχαίρι, συντήρηση σε μπαλτά, μασέτα) Ιωσήφ Καλημέρα  έλαβα τα πράγματα  και είμαι  ενθουσιασμένος  από την  δουλειά  σου . Θέλω να σε ευχαριστήσω για την όλη προσπάθεια της δημιουργίας ή οποία είμαι  σίγουρος ότι θα σου έδωσε κ'εσενα μεγάλη  χαρά. Να είσαι καλά  και να παίρνεις δύναμη και έμπνευση από το κόσμο για να δημιουργείς. Ναι αυτά δεν είναι μόνο  κάποια καλαίσθητα εργαλεία, είναι κομμάτια από εσένα που θα ζουν αιώνια και θα αλλάξουν πολλά  χέρια! Με ένα απλό  κομμάτι μέταλλο που του δίνεις  ζωή δημιουργείς εργαλεία που μπορούν να σώσουν  η να πάρουν μια ζωή. Και για το λόγο ότι αυτή η δουλειά δεν πληρώνεται, νιώθω υποχρεωμένος να σε ευχαριστήσω  και να σου δώσω έμπνευση  για καλύτερες  δημιουργίες! (Θα επανέλθω  σύντομα  με νέες  παραγγελίες)

Alessandro Mulfari, chef, Italy: (A chef roll bag) Si è arrivata ieri grazie e molto bella buona giornata.

(Yes, it arrived yesterday thank you it is very beautiful good day.)

Ivano Bernazzoli, Parma, Italy: (A san mai damasc bowie knife) Arrivato il coltello. Perfetto complimenti per il lavoro. Sono proprio contento. Grazie 1000. Alla prossima.

(The knife has arrived. Perfect, congratulations for your work. I am absolutely content. 1000 thanks. Talk soon.)

Haim Weinshtein, hunter, Rehovot, Israel: (A long camper knife) Joseph, Good evening. I gladly accepted the knife you made for me. I opened the package with great excitement and I am happy to thank you that I am satisfied with the result. Your knife is now my favorite from my little collection. Thank you very much for the quick service, I will be happy to use your skills in the future.

Klaus Haupl, rancher, Zocca, Italy: (A camper knife) Ciao Joseph, I miei amici mi fanno tanti complimenti e sono anche un po' invidiosi del tuo/mio coltello. Oltre che è bellissimo è anche un rasoio. Un coltello per tutti gli usi. Un Saluto, a presto, Klaus

(Hi Joseph, my friends praise me a lot and they are a bit jealous of your/my knife. Apart from very beautiful it is also rasor sharp. A knife for all purposes. Greetings, talk soon, Klaus)

Roberto Postal, farmer, Trento, Italy: Joseph mi ha fatto 4 collteli, - 3 camper ed un bushcraft -, uno meglio dal altro. Tutti 4 sono molto belli e nello stesso tempo durissimi e di altissima qualita'. Mille grazie Joseph, tu sei un artista.

(Joseph has made for me 4 knives, - 3 campers and one bushcraft - one better than the other. All 4 are very beautiful and at the same time very hard and ofvery high quality. Many thanks Joseph, you are an artist)

Thanos Argyropoulos, Chef, Paphos, Cyprus: (a sakimaru takohiki) Θέλω να σε ευχαριστήσω ακόμα μία φορά για την τέλεια δουλειά που έκανες στο μαχαίρι μου... πραγματικά δεν περίμενα να είναι τόσο τέλειο το αποτέλεσμα είσαι κορυφαίος...

(I want to thank you once more for the perfect job you did on my knife... I really didn't expect the result to be so flawless... you are the top...)

Jim Zavitsanos, deer hunter, New Jersey, USA: Today I received my camper knife... a mere beauty, very nice cutting edge, perfect line... Its sheath goes perfect together with it... Thank you very much Joseph.

Mattheos Videlis, cook, Chania Crete island, Greece: Σε ευχαριστώ φίλε μου για την θαυμάσια δουλειά που έχεις κάνει με τα μαχαίρια σεφ μου, είσαι ο καλύτερος !!!

(Thank you my friend for the wonderful work you have done with my chef knives, you are the best !!!)

Monica Abbiati, housewife, Torino, Italy: Mille grazie Joseph, mi hai fatto un coltello da cucina meraviglioso, lo uso ogni giorno per tagliare quasi tutto.

(A thousand thanks Joseph, you have made me a marvellous kitchen knife, I use it every day and I cut almost everything.)

Dimitris Rakas, poultry butcher, Kozani, Greece: (a poultry long cleaver) Ένα καταπληκτικό μαχαίρι, καλά ισορροπημένο και ιδανικό για κάθετη κοπή. Ακριβώς ό,τι ζήτησα.

( An amazing knife, well balanced and ideal for vertical cutting. Exactly what I asked for.)

Harri Lehtonen, amateur cook, Helsinki, Finland: Joseph has made for me a really professional japanese gyuto knife which has helped me a lot in my job. It certainly is the best handmade knife I have ever had. Kiitos Joseph.

Panayokas George, hobbyist cook, Athens, Greece: (a long american tanto kitchen knife) Το μαχαίρι μου είναι ένα τόσο τέλειο αντικείμενο τέχνης που, αν και ξέρω πολύ καλά πόσο αξιόπιστο είναι χάρις στην ποιότητα των υλικών του και την τέλεια δουλειά του μαχαιροποιού Ιωσήφ, θα το κρατήσω σαν έργο τέχνης στην συλλογή μου και θα το χρησιμοποιώ σπάνια.

(My knife is such a fine piece of art that, although I know very well how trustworthy it is due to the quality of its materials and the fine work of Joseph the knife maker, I will keep it as an artifact in my collection and I will rarely use it.)

Francesco Righini, cacciatore, Firenze, Italy: (a skinner with a gut hook) Spettacolare, non posso che inchinarmi a tanta bellezza e tanta professionalita.

(Spectacular, I can only bow at such beauty and professionality).

Gerhard Baumann, hunter, Frankfurt, Germany: I ordered a hunting knife from JN Handmade Knives and I delivered the PERFECT hunting knife. Thank you Joseph, I will need your talented skills soon again.

Spyropoulos Kyriakos, hunter, Kozani Macedonia, Greece: Ο Ιωσήφ μου έχει φτιάξει δύο μαχαίρια, ένα κυνηγετικό από δαμασκηνό ατσάλι και ένα στρατιωτικό από αρσάλι Elmax. Αυτά είναι τα καλύτερα μαχαίρια που είχα ποτέ στο κυνήγι. Σε ευχαριστώ Ιωσήφ.

(Joseph has made for me two knives, a hunting one of damascus steel and a tactical one of Elmax steel. These are the best knives I have ever had in hunting. Thank you Joseph.)

Gerry Slater, hobbyist cook, Colorado, USA: (a gyuto kiritsuke) I have been using it. Very happy with it. Thank you Joe.

Diego Beretta, cook, Rome, Italy: (a vegetable nakiri) Un buon coltello destinato a durare nel tempo... complimenti... Non manchero a fare ordini successivi a questo.

(A good knife, destined to endure through time... congratulations... I will not miss to make further orders.)

Triantaphillos Triantaphillou, collector - hunter, Rodos island, Greece: (a Spartan short sword, a Macedon Kopis, a hunting knife) Συνολικά ντρία μαχαίρια απόμ τον φίλο μου Ιωσήφ, φτιαγμένα με γούστο και αγάπη. Τα δύο από αυτά διακοσμούν μία γυάλινη προθήκη και το τρίτο είναι ο αχώριστος φίλος μου στην εξοχή. Να είσαι καλά φίλε μου Ιωσήφ!!!

(Totally three knives by my friend Joseph, made with taste and love. Two of them embelish a glass showcase and the third is my inseparable friend in the countryside. Be well my friend Joseph!!!)

Olivia Hicks, cook, Colorado, USA:

 (1) I GOT MY ROLL BAG TODAY!!! It's perfect. I love it so much. Thank you! Thank you!

 (2) (A long sword leather sheath) I actually recieved it today!! Its a bit tight because its new leather. But the sword fits perfectly!

James Williams, cook, Rutherford, Australia: (a boning knife) Knife came, looks beautiful, cuts like a hot knife through butter.



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